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Vula is the brainchild of Dr William Mapham, who conceived the idea for the app while working at the Vula Emehlo Eye Clinic in rural Swaziland. He experienced first-hand the difficulties faced by rural health workers when they need specialist advice.

A flash grant from the Shuttleworth Foundation, and some prototype design work from Flow Interactive (now part of Deloitte Digital) helped Dr Mapham to win the SAB Foundation Social Innovation Award in 2013. The prize money enabled him to launch the app for Android and iOS in July 2014.

The app was initially only for ophthalmology referrals, but it quickly became clear that the functionality provided by Vula was widely needed. Specialists from several different fields donated their time to work with the Vula team to design functionality for their own specialities. Vula added cardiology, orthopaedics and burns in April 2016. This redesign enabled the app to scale to include referral forms for any number of specialities.

The aim of the app is to give health workers – particularly those in remote rural areas – a tool that helps to get patients quick and efficient specialist care.


We believe in lean software development. The first version of Vula, launched in July 2014, had limited features and was aimed only at ophthalmologists.


Dr William Mapham, Founder & CEO

William is an ophthalmologist. He has served as the Vice Chair of the Rural Doctors Association of South Africa (RuDASA) and previously spent time in New York and Washington designing mobile phone applications for healthcare. He has published academic articles on the role of innovation and technology in improving healthcare delivery, and has extensive experience in rural health care.

Dr Lungi Nyathi, Board of Directors

Dr Lungi Nyathi is the Executive Director, Health Management, at Medscheme. She graduated as a medical doctor from UCT, after which she worked in the public health sector for 5 years. She then moved to Medscheme Holdings, where she ran the GEMS managed care business unit as Executive Manager, overseeing over 500 staff and managing the health care for 1.8 million lives. At the same time, she was the Executive Director for Aid for AIDS, a subsidiary of Afrocentric Health and chair of its Board. She served on the Mowbray Maternity Hospital Board for just under 2 years, and currently serves on the board of the Health Foundation.

Grant Rock, Board of Directors

Grant is the executive director of Havaic, an investment and advisory firm. He has nearly 20 years experience as a corporate transactional lawyer, solicitor and executive in South Africa, London and New York. He has worked on a wide range of transactions in banking, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, debt and equity capital markets, and private equity.


Ferdinand Redelinghuys, Chief Builder

As the Chief Builder (co-founder, CTO, Chief Data Scientist) of Vula Mobile, Ferdi enjoys applying the skills, he has learned, from software giants like Microsoft, Oracle and Samsung to a meaningful environment, where he can impact lives of people in real need. Vula Mobile uses technology in the way it’s meant to: The enable better care. It’s great to learn valuable lessons from Vula data: How to improve patient care and how to provide more efficient processes for healthcare works. The vision of Vula, to support healthcare workers, ties in well with what is needed in healthcare. 60% of doctors in South Africa suffer from burnout today.

Mooniq Abrahams, Software Engineer

Mooniq is a software engineer, focusing more on front-end and mobile development. Coming from an eCommerce environment, she finds the jump to health tech to be exciting, educational and a welcoming change. She delights in knowing that code she has worked on is affecting people’s lives positively. Mooniq is thrilled to be a part of a company that will improve the healthcare sector and feels privileged to be a member of the Vula Family.

Alexandre Hardy, Software Engineer

Alexandre finds it exciting to move from the Oracle corporate environment to an extremely agile team, and a product where the focus is not the bottom line but rather how to serve the customers. He loves applying his development experience to the product to figure out how to deliver real value to the customers.

Mokgadi Rasekgala, Software Engineer

After years of doing realtively short term based projects based in the consulting space, Mokgadi enjoys the move into a product house where she gets a greater sense of ownership and gets to see the growth of the product. Mokgadi is a backend software developer in the Vula Team and enjoys applying her skills to a platform that is improving the healthcare system and saving lives by empowering practitioners

Wilco Wilkens, Mobile Developer

A software engineer with a love for mobile. Specialising in iOS and Android, Wilco finds great joy in putting a product before as many users as possible, improving their lives and changing the way they use apps. Wilco has launched multiple apps in recent years and puts all his mobile experience together to make Vula a better experience.

Chinazo Okeke, Clinical Relationship Consultant

I’m a medical doctor dedicated to transforming Africa’s health systems through technology. I love the fact that at Vula, you can be anything and you can do anything. Also, everyone at Vula is just so nice!

Suzelle Van Zyl, Customer Support

Jacqui Latimer,  Consultant