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Set up a team that accepts Vula referrals

Before you can receive Vula referrals, we need to set up a team for you. This is free and quick to do.

1. Check that Vula features your speciality

We have protocol-based referral forms, designed with the help of specialists, for the following specialities:

Critical Care
Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine
General Surgery
Internal Medicine
Obstetrics / Gynaecology
Oncology Emergencies

If your speciality is not on there, you can contact us to check whether it’s in development. Note that we only operate in South Africa at the moment.

2. Tell us your team wants to accept referrals

If your speciality is on the list above, email us on and let us know:

  1. What your team name will be. Something other people will easily recognise, like Mitchells Plain Surgery or Pelonomi Orthopaedics.
  2. Who is in your team. Those who are already registered with Vula will immediately be added to your team, and can start accepting referrals.

3. Get everyone in your team signed up

Everyone in the team can go on call for that team only.

You can ask team members to download Vula for Android from the Play Store, or Vula for iOS from the App store. The app is called Vula Medical Referral.

Everyone in your team will be able to go on call for the team. 

4. Tell people you’re accepting referrals with the app

People won’t know you’re using Vula unless you tell them. Many teams send a letter or email to let clinics or day hospitals know they can use Vula. Other teams tell referrers over the phone. It’s your choice how you manage this process.

The people who send referrals will also need to download the app and register, but you don’t need to send us all their names.

5. Use the dashboard to monitor referrals, do research and manage the team

The Vula dashboard is a secure website where you can see all the referrals that has come in to your team. Many teams use it for clinical governance, e.g. a consultant will monitor the dashboard to see if the registrars are giving the correct advice. You can also download spreadsheets that contain all of your team’s data – great for research projects. We’ll send you instructions on how to login once your team is set up.

Like the sound of that? Contact us now to get started.