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Vula’s patient privacy notice2019-10-07T17:05:57+02:00


This Patient Privacy Notice explains how the VULA App, operated by Mafami (Pty) Ltd, collects and processes patients’ personal information.

Complying with privacy law is primarily the Health Practitioner’s responsibility – the VULA App is just a tool which allows the Health Practitioner to share patient information with medical and surgical specialists. Health Practitioners are obliged to take steps to ensure that patients are aware of how their personal information will be used. Health Practitioners can either explain this to patients, or can show this notice to patients, or both.

If it is not reasonably practicable for the Health Practitioner to explain this to a patient, for example if the patient is unconscious or an unaccompanied minor, then the Health Practitioner may dispense with the explanation.

The VULA App is used by a doctor or other health care practitioner (“Health Practitioner”) to transfer patient details and details of the patient’s condition (the “Information”) to a medical specialist selected by the Health Practitioner because of his/her expertise (“the Specialist”).

The Health Practitioner will show the patient what Information is being collected from the patient, but the Information will be restricted to name, basic contact information, and information on the patient’s medical condition required by the Specialist, including photographs, x-rays and other images where required.

The Information is transferred to the Specialist to obtain advice which may lead to a more accurate diagnosis or treatment. It may also lead to the Specialist recommending a follow-up appointment with him/herself or another doctor. The Information may potentially be transferred to multiple Specialists using the VULA App. The Health Practitioner has obtained consent to treat the patient or otherwise he/she has complied with applicable law in treating the patient.

The Health Practitioner is allowed to collect the Information in terms of the laws governing health care services, and will not collect any information that he / she is not empowered to collect.
It is not mandatory for the patient to supply the Information requested by the Health Practitioner to enter into the VULA App, but the Health Practitioner cannot use the VULA App if the patient does not supply the Information. The Information captured by the VULA App is only available to the Health Practitioner and the Specialist(s) on their mobile devices or via a secure web portal.

If the VULA App shares the Information with a third party, it will only do so on the following conditions: Any information that can identify a patient will be removed to protect that patient’s privacy. This includes the patient’s name, face, and identity number AND the Information will only be used for research purposes.

The Health Practitioner will provide the patient with his/her name and address on request.
Information is securely stored using appropriate, reasonable technical and organisational measures as required by applicable law to protect the Information from loss, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction. If the Information is stored or processed by the VULA App or its service provider in another country, then proper steps will be taken to ensure that the Information is kept safe.

Our End User Licence Agreement (incorporating our privacy policy) is available through a link in the Patient Privacy portal on the App.